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    GPO is currently looking for qualified candidates for the position:

    International Business Development - Code: IBD-KTG

    Salary: from $ 1,000
    Working place: District 5, Ho Chi Minh City
    Company scope of business: Welding materials, wood and industrial equipment
    Job description:

    • Search, connect and develop customer network, introduce products to international customers (to countries like USA, Europe, Japan, Korea) about welding materials, industrial wood, tools industrial equipment)
    • Responsible for work, attend meetings with Branch Managers / Sales Representatives, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers ... on policies, regulations and related issues to improve the sales process. , products to increase sales for the company
    • Propose new product ideas, services, improve internal processes and customer service
    • Internal and external relationships: Maintaining solid and effective cooperation with partners, domestic and international strategic clients and relevant departments.
    Job requirements:

    • University degree in engineering, encyclopedia, mechanics, automation
    • At least 10 years of technical experience and sales engineer, technical sales business development companies in the production, welding materials, wood, industrial equipment.
    • Good English communication, able to take initiative in dealing and negotiating with suppliers
    • Good at skills of presentation and persuasion, communication, negotiation and ability to work under the pressure and high
    • CV must be in English

    • Competitive Salary from $1000 based on performance and competences
    • Good working environment, allowances and other general policies of the company
    • Social insurance - Health insurance, attractive bonus according to company policies and regulations


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